Monday, May 22, 2017

How To Get The FIFA 17 Companion App: FIFA 17 App: You can now create the perfect team

FIFA 17 Companion App has hit the market two weeks later than the 'PES 2017' but is finally here. EA Sports today launched 'FIFA 17', the new and awaited football title that this year brings more news than ever. However, the developer has kept everything that has worked in previous versions, such as the application. With the launch of the game, it is now possible to create and manage a team for 'FIFA Ultimate Team' from the 'FIFA 17 Companion App'.

The 'FIFA 17' app contains a multitude of options to control every detail of the team in 'FIFA Ultimate Team'. It highlights the possibility of preparing the template for the next game, make bids at the last moment or buy envelopes with coins or FIFA Points. In addition, the app contains challenges of all kinds that players must overcome to get rewards as envelopes with which to obtain high-level players.

All the features offered by this plug-in are synchronized with the video game console or PC. Thus, all changes and purchases made from the device, work path or during a trip, will be registered to continue with the management of the equipment, this time from the console or the PC. That is why to enjoy all the content of the app and to be able to prepare the templates in the purest style 'PC Soccer' is necessary to have previously acquired 'FIFA 17'.

Despite the fact that the two main soccer video games are more even than ever, this app is undoubtedly one of the factors in which 'FIFA 17' outperforms PES 2017.


The 'FIFA 17' app has been available for several days now as the video game has already been released prematurely in the United States on Tuesday 27. To enjoy it, you have to follow a few simple steps. First of all you have to start the session in 'FIFA 17'. Then access the 'FIFA Ultimate Team' mode and create a FUT club. Once inside you have to invent a question and a security response on the console or PC. Finally, you must log in to the app, with the mobile device. The app is available on Android and iOS and in all languages. And the FIFA 18 video game will release and our website has offered Cheap FIFA 18 Coins online.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

FIFA 18 Main Interface Screenshot Exposure & Details

Although the "FIFA 18" has not yet been announced, but the contents of this for the matter has been exposed. The game interface by the designer James Culverhouse and EA SPORTS cooperation to create, and today's concept of the game design menu on the Internet.

FIFA 18 Main Interface Screenshot Exposure

"FIFA 18" conceptual design menu:

Interface of the main background and yesterday's exposure screenshots, is still Borgba served as a cover star. Although the "FIFA 18" final version of the game does not necessarily use this interface, but it shows the content is very worth mentioning.

"FIFA 16" using the green and cyan, "FIFA 17" uses yellow and black, "FIFA 18" may use pink and dark blue as the main colors of the interface. But need to pay attention to, because it is a concept map, as the material appears Paul Berger is not necessarily "FIFA 18" cover spokesperson.

Such as the menu interface for this, more integrated elements, including the 2018 Russian World Cup and FIFA Street. In the custom field also joined the jersey editor and team logo editor. In addition, VR game content is still in the "FIFA 18" debut.

As for the "FIFA 18" game will be officially announced, in accordance with the practice we next month's E3 2017 show will be able to meet with it. 

HD video screen:

Monday, May 8, 2017

How To Improve Your Game's Level In FIFA 18 Video Game

Video game world has been the transition to the more fascinating world, even the skilled people, simply can not escape, but by its charming characteristics overwhelmed. Contemporary people are accustomed to lightning fast processing speed and impeccable realistic graphics, PlayStation and Xbox for more advanced game environment needs will contribute.

How To Improve Your Game's Level In FIFA 18 Video Game

If you are keen to raise your game to a new level, consider the following points. The following are many useful tips that will make you stronger in FIFA 18.

• Line management

Properly managed lines allow you to get your goals. Changing the line will allow you to double the top player and get the key match.

• Use your timeout

If your players are tired, or if you want the top players to take a break, consider using overtime to improve their endurance.

• Pick your shot

Manual shooting allows you to aim at shooting, and when you find them, open the corner. If you do not find an open corner, you can shoot low for rebounds, so you can create your chances of scoring.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fifa 18 Coins Are a Good Decision To Get Good Player in FIFA 18

We all know that by playing the whole game, it is almost impossible to get a lot of FIFA 18 points and coins, almost a lot of time to get a lot of time. The game creative designer intends to try to do so to make sure the player keeps coming back to get more and buy fifa coins.

FIFA 18 is definitely one of the most widely used sporting activities of the sporting game label, even if so much specific for every gender can not develop because of their lack of access to a lot of real money needed for excellent athletes. FIFA 18 has no doubt designed a specific goal: by some means or any other way, personal intent to put in the real online game accurate money. Of course, when you are not ready to make money, you will not show that you are fully prepared to participate in decent activities. There is little need to worry about you, because now you will find a lot of sites to buy FIFA coins, enjoy the real video game at the same time you can also choose cheap website to buy FIFA 18 coins.

Professional gamers are very annoyed by all the actual realities, and the actual people have their own enthusiasm to pay for their income, so these customers have produced such an application. Now you will not be able to make the most of any difficulty with online computer games. Selected - offers cheap FIFA 18 coins. Fifa 18 coins are of course a good decision to get a person looking for a good player.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FIFA announced the 2018 World Cup into the video referee for four cases

FIFA President Vientiane announced that the 2018 Russian World Cup will introduce video assistant referees (VARs).

"We will use the video assistant referee at the World Cup in Russia, because all of our current receipts are positive feedback," said Van Tino.

It is reported that the video referee will apply to the following four kinds of situations: scoring, red card, referee mistaken players and penalty penalties.

The end of the World Club Cup, video referee was first introduced to the FIFA tournament. Last month, in the Spanish game against France, the video referee was used to correct the two penalties. Many countries of the club tournament also began to use the video referee, earlier this month, Australia over the first into the video referee of the domestic first-class league. FIFA 18 just need four months to release, ahead of attention vipfifa18 website can be obtained cheapest fifa 18 coins.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Ultimate Way To Succeed: To Win FIFA 18 Coins

FIFA 18 is something that isn't very comprehensive easy alterations can be enhanced in the game if you use the FIFA 18 coins.

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For more information on FIFA 18, please check out our main FIFA 18 news, almost any position of the players, our new to FUT 18 Generation of observation cards, better FUT chemical styles, p quick access to free FUT coins way, and finally our detailed FUT chemical interpreter. That's it. Before we solve the first-class approach we think is to earn coins, we will soon highlight all the possible ways. In the above case, it seems that there are only two ways to actually earn coins.